Occidozyga shiwandashanensis

Occidozyga shiwandashanensis - Chen, Peng, Liu, Huang, Liao & Mo, 2022 - (Dicroglossidae) - Amphibien, anoure

A: Dorsal view; B: Lateral view; C: Ventral view; D: Ventral view of foot; E: Ventral view of hand.
F: Various individuals showing broad pale-yellow stripe from tip of snout to vent; G: Various individuals showing broad pale yellow transverse stripe on posterior of eyes.
Photos by Wei-Cai Chen.


  • Occidozyga shiwandashanensis - Chen, Peng, Liu, Huang, Liao & Mo, 2022
  • Occidozyga shiwandashanensis - Wei-Cai Chen, Wan-Xiao Peng, You-Jun Liu, Zhong Huang, Xiao-Wen Liao and Yun-Ming Mo, 2022
  • Occidozyga shiwandashanensis sp. nov.

Répartition géographique

Occidozyga shiwandashanensis est une espèce qui se rencontre notamment au sud du Guangxi, en Chine.


H: Maximum-likelihood (ML) and Bayesian inference (BI) trees based on mitochondrial 12S and 16S rRNA gene fragments. Node supports are indicated on branches as ML support and Bayesian posterior probabilities.

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