Ischnura praematura

Ischnura praematura - Sanmartín-Villar & Zhang, 2022 - (Coenagrionidae) - Insectes odonates zygoptères, demoiselles, ischnures, agrions

Ischnura praematura mature male (a) and female (b) as seen in the field, nearby Lijiang city. Note the pruinescence in the abdomen and legs of the mature female and the wing hardness in comparison with the females of the following pictures. Tandem (c) and mating (d) observed in the field between a mature male and a teneral female.
All photos by I. Sanmartín-Villar.


  • Ischnura praematura - Sanmartín-Villar & Zhang, 2022
  • Ischnura praematura - Iago Sanmartín-Villar, M. Olalla Lorenzo-Carballa, Haomiao Zhang and Adolfo Cordero-Rivera, 2022
  • Ischnura praematura sp. nov.

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